My prediction about the SEPTA Strike:

I get alerts on my phone whenever there are cancellations on my SEPTA Regional Rail lines. In the last 2 weeks there has been a massive up-tick in alerts.

Additionally, I know a few conductors. The general mood is not good. Conductors are frustrated and are stuck working on over-crowded trains leftover from the summer’s rail car shortage and there are peak-hour trains that are only 2 cars long despite needing to accommodate at least 3 cars worth of people. On top of that, a lot of conductors are working double-shifts, and that was before the summer started.

My prediction?

On Tuesday, if there is a strike, I honestly wouldn’t count on Regional Rail.

While nearly all of the Regional Rail cancellations I’ve gotten or that have happened after 6:30pm, with the possibility of an overtaxed rail system being pushed even more and the people running and organizing them already pushed to their physical limits, I think we may see a mass sick-out on Regional Rail, either all-day or at rush hour.

That’s my prediction based on anecdotal evidence I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

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