SEPTA Strike Prediction: Regional Rail won’t be what you think

My prediction about the SEPTA Strike: I get alerts on my phone whenever there are cancellations on my SEPTA Regional Rail lines. In the last 2 weeks there has been a massive up-tick in alerts. Additionally, I know a few conductors. The general mood is not good. Conductors are frustrated and are stuck working on Read More

Voting in Philadelphia will be Harder than Ever

Between SEPTA and Trump, voting in Philadelphia may be tougher than ever. To say the 2016 election has been an experience would be an understatement. No, 2016 has been a gauntlet of peril, scandals, and horror. Despite all of this, voters in Philadelphia County will have to face a bigger peril than most in this Read More

Drive Sharing and the Issues With It

Disclaimer: I’m an avid Lyft rider and have used Lyft various times over the last 3 months. Uber is fucking evil. I’m stating that now so you’re aware that, yes, I am going to have a bias in this article. That said, despite that, as always I’m going to present a fair assessment of the Read More