It is shocking, dismaying, distressing, and downright depressing to see the results from the election yesterday.

Despite a supporter punching a protester and then saying he would pay the legal bills of the person who committed the assault, calling on the police to arrest peaceful protesters, a near-riot at one of his events while not understanding why his violent rhetoric could have caused it, and a press conference last Tuesday was more of a infomercial than a serious event, Donald Trump easily won all but one state.

Despite loses in various states over the weekend, a lost in Michigan, a debate performance where her opponent got the standing ovation and she tried miserably to link him to the Koch Brothers and Minutemen, her history in favor of NAFTA and TPP, and her comments on Nancy Regan where she praised her on AIDS awareness despite the fact the Regan’s famously didn’t even acknowledge the AIDS crisis until millions were dead. Despite all of this, Hillary Clinton easily won nearly all of the states last night.

I can honestly say that I don’t know what to think. Going into this weekend, I honestly didn’t think it would be THIS bad. Did I expect Trump to win a few states? Yes, but not this many! He lost every single primary this weekend! In Washington, D.C. and Wyoming he came in 3rd! And Hillary Clinton is a shocker! Florida, yeah, but OHIO? ILLINOIS?! Two states that suffered the most thanks to the trade policies she favored?!

A friend of mine often said, “What’s the matter with Kansas?” The argument being that people were actively, and eagerly, supporting candidates that directly and objectively opposed their own actual interests. Why would people vote for people who don’t think they deserve a living wage? Why would they support people who oppose free speech? Why would they support people who have actively taken jobs away from them?

Why are Americans voting against their own interests? What’s the matter with America?

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