I despise bringing politics into a tragedy within 24 hours, but there are two notable exceptions to the rule that I need to point out:

1. Donald Trump is pointing to attacks in Brussels to reinforce the need for building a border wall, and has even gone on to state that this event furthers the need for torture including waterboarding.

2. Hillary Clinton is pointing to this attack as a reason to have tech companies unlock and de-encrypt their devices for “national security” reasons. She is also calling more surveillance and more police.

3.  Ted Cruz has called for more patrols of Muslim Areas.

Why are these exceptions? Because one of these people may be the President of the United States, and in the wake of an attack on foreign soil we have one person calling for keeping more people out by enacting a wall, another saying the 4th Amendment is void and should not be permitted in the face of terror, one calling for more people to be tortured, another calling for more spying, and another who thinks a group of people should be monitored because of religion alone are all good ideas. The people who seek to become our future leaders resort immediately to the same methods that have made us both less safe and a nation that has scaled back our liberties and privacy, all in the face of possible terrorism.

These are the people leading in the polls and most likely to be our leader.

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