Voting in Philadelphia will be Harder than Ever

Between SEPTA and Trump, voting in Philadelphia may be tougher than ever. To say the 2016 election has been an experience would be an understatement. No, 2016 has been a gauntlet of peril, scandals, and horror. Despite all of this, voters in Philadelphia County will have to face a bigger peril than most in this Read More

How Hillary Clinton Could Win (If She Tries)

Hillary Clinton should win this election. Okay, bare with me: I don’t like her. I didn’t support her in the primaries. I oppose a lot of things she’s either said or did both during the primaries or various statements made when she was First Lady on various issues. On paper, she has 14 years of Read More

Secretary Clinton and the Email Issue

Context is important, but being objective is more important and should always come first. In the 1990’s, the internet began its rise of being a ubiquitous item in in our daily lives. By 1996, the White House had a website, and I remember at the age of 11 writing the long URL on a piece Read More