The Republicans Are Trying to Get to “Yes”

The Republicans, despite what you may think, do not like Trump. I remember the 2016 campaign, and I remember the Republicans party despised and hated this man. Lindsey Graham said “We should have kicked Trump out of the party”, Marco Rubio called him “an embarrassment”. Most telling of all was Mitch McConnell’s infamous quote: “Trump Read More

A Crisis of Conscious over Immigration?

Today is the type of day I stop, take a breath, and wonder to myself: “Are they just trying to keep it together?” I’ve been watching the news, just like you, and following the over 2300 kids from April to June separated from their parents. I’ve been watching in horror and fear that they are Read More

It IS A Muslim Ban

The Republican Party is broken if it can’t call a duck a duck. I’m tired of fighting these stupid arguments, and I’m tired of not being “sure” of what I think. I’m done with it. I’m tired of trying to defend bad ideas, and I’m tired of “going along to get along.” If you can’t Read More

Philly GOP on Trump-Related Hate Crimes

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential and General Election, the number of hate crimes in the Philadelphia rose dramatically, and all of them went back to the top of the ticket, Donald Trump. A store in South Philadelphia the night of the election was tagged with things such as “Sieg Heil Trump 2016” and Read More

Voting in Philadelphia will be Harder than Ever

Between SEPTA and Trump, voting in Philadelphia may be tougher than ever. To say the 2016 election has been an experience would be an understatement. No, 2016 has been a gauntlet of peril, scandals, and horror. Despite all of this, voters in Philadelphia County will have to face a bigger peril than most in this Read More