The Lawlessness of the Marconi Plaza Autonomous Zone

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, there has been a massive demand to end systemic racism in the country in all its forms. South Philadelphia has become a prime example of what that means in the last few days. The History of Marconi Plaza In South Philadelphia, nestled between some trees on Read More

The Five Phases of this Pandemic – Phase 2

The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic will prove to be a massive make-or-break moment for the United States. In the past, Pandemics have changed human history and reshaped societies and cultures. A pandemic wiped out a majority of the Native American population in the late 1500’s to the early 1600’s, and from 1918 through 1920 America suffered Read More

The Five Phases of this Pandemic – Phase 1: Initial Infection

The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic will prove to be a massive make-or-break moment for the United States. In the past, Pandemics have changed human history and reshaped societies and cultures. A pandemic wiped out a majority of the Native American population in the late 1500’s to the early 1600’s, and from 1918 through 1920 America suffered Read More

The Republicans Are Trying to Get to “Yes”

The Republicans, despite what you may think, do not like Trump. I remember the 2016 campaign, and I remember the Republicans party despised and hated this man. Lindsey Graham said “We should have kicked Trump out of the party”, Marco Rubio called him “an embarrassment”. Most telling of all was Mitch McConnell’s infamous quote: “Trump Read More

The PA. GOP is Playing Liberals, and We Have to Play Along

The Pennsylvania GOP plan on using Liberalism against itself in November, and we have to go along with it. Let me explain why. I was in the car with a friend discussing Mike Pence coming to Philadelphia. “Hey, are you going to the protest?,” I asked him. “Sure! How about you?” “Yeah,” I replied, “and Read More

The Republican Argument for Abolishing ICE

Why would any Republican be against abolishing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)? Any Republican worth their salt should be entirely behind abolishing ICE and replacing it. Why? Glad you asked! 1. Reduce the size of government Come on, that’s an easy one! How many Republicans go on and on about “reducing the size of government?” Read More

A Crisis of Conscious over Immigration?

Today is the type of day I stop, take a breath, and wonder to myself: “Are they just trying to keep it together?” I’ve been watching the news, just like you, and following the over 2300 kids from April to June separated from their parents. I’ve been watching in horror and fear that they are Read More

North Korea Peace Talks: Thoughts and Predictions

With Trump calling the North Korea talks back on (well, for now), I think it’s important to take a moment and consider what’s possible in terms of an outcome. There’s a few things we need to consider, so from best to worst, let’s go through them. Best Case Scenario: Korean Unification under President Trump Odds: Read More

Broken Glass: The “Stop-and-Go” Bill

This Article was Updated December 3, 2107: Included provisions about bathrooms and added a new compromise. Stop-and-Go Places, Plexiglass, and Cindy Bass’ War on Blight There is nothing more infuriating than hearing about something at the last minute that impacts your life. I despise opening this article with this, but I have to. I’m writing Read More

The Plot to Destroy Pennsylvania

How the Far-Right Wing of the Republican Party could Undermine the Commonwealth It could happen here. The destruction of the public school system. Increases of the Sales and Income Taxes. The systematic elimination of the middle-class. The near elimination of public transit. Major cities seeing reduced funding and going bankrupt, employers allowed to fire people Read More

Eliminating Pennsylvania Property Taxes and The Nightmare it Brings

This November 7th, a question will show up on the ballot of millions of Pennsylvanians: “Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to permit the General Assembly to enact legislation authorizing local taxing authorities to exclude from taxation up to 100 percent of the assessed value of each homestead property within a local taxing jurisdiction, rather Read More

There is nothing more American than baseball

There is nothing more American than baseball. In the time I’ve been alive, I’ve rarely gotten to play this sport myself. There were never close to enough kids to have a game, even to just toss a ball and hit it with a friend, and the closet I ever came was learning how to swing Read More

Our Kafkaesque Deportation System

A friend of mine pointed this out one day: We have all, in one way or another, at one time or another, broken the law. One day a few years ago we were talking and we landed on this topic. I was a fan of Frank Kafka’s “The Trial”, and in the wake of the Read More

It IS A Muslim Ban

The Republican Party is broken if it can’t call a duck a duck. I’m tired of fighting these stupid arguments, and I’m tired of not being “sure” of what I think. I’m done with it. I’m tired of trying to defend bad ideas, and I’m tired of “going along to get along.” If you can’t Read More

Changing the Constitution for Dummies

Thirty-Four. I want you to hold onto that number as you read this, since this is, in fact, the most important thing you will read as an American Citizen at this point in time. I write this on January 25, 2017, the same day that the current President of these United States, Donald Trump, stated Read More

Philly GOP on Trump-Related Hate Crimes

In the wake of the 2016 Presidential and General Election, the number of hate crimes in the Philadelphia rose dramatically, and all of them went back to the top of the ticket, Donald Trump. A store in South Philadelphia the night of the election was tagged with things such as “Sieg Heil Trump 2016” and Read More

SEPTA Strike Prediction: Regional Rail won’t be what you think

My prediction about the SEPTA Strike: I get alerts on my phone whenever there are cancellations on my SEPTA Regional Rail lines. In the last 2 weeks there has been a massive up-tick in alerts. Additionally, I know a few conductors. The general mood is not good. Conductors are frustrated and are stuck working on Read More


Boxes. Everyone is put into boxes. We do it based on race, gender, religion, and wealth. From there we start breaking it down into what people wear, talk, and what groups they seem to claim allegiance to in terms of politics, religion, and social cliques. The problem, though, are that some of these boxes are Read More

Voting in Philadelphia will be Harder than Ever

Between SEPTA and Trump, voting in Philadelphia may be tougher than ever. To say the 2016 election has been an experience would be an understatement. No, 2016 has been a gauntlet of peril, scandals, and horror. Despite all of this, voters in Philadelphia County will have to face a bigger peril than most in this Read More

Drive Sharing and the Issues With It

Disclaimer: I’m an avid Lyft rider and have used Lyft various times over the last 3 months. Uber is fucking evil. I’m stating that now so you’re aware that, yes, I am going to have a bias in this article. That said, despite that, as always I’m going to present a fair assessment of the Read More

How Hillary Clinton Could Win (If She Tries)

Hillary Clinton should win this election. Okay, bare with me: I don’t like her. I didn’t support her in the primaries. I oppose a lot of things she’s either said or did both during the primaries or various statements made when she was First Lady on various issues. On paper, she has 14 years of Read More

The Other Side is Evil

Did you know the people who disagree with you are evil? Sure you do. And that’s why we’re at this point. If you’re a Liberal, you know just how true this is. You’re dealing with a group of people who think Climate Change is fake, that abortion is murder, will happily ban gay people from Read More

Secretary Clinton and the Email Issue

Context is important, but being objective is more important and should always come first. In the 1990’s, the internet began its rise of being a ubiquitous item in in our daily lives. By 1996, the White House had a website, and I remember at the age of 11 writing the long URL on a piece Read More

Brussels and the U.S. Election

I despise bringing politics into a tragedy within 24 hours, but there are two notable exceptions to the rule that I need to point out: 1. Donald Trump is pointing to attacks in Brussels to reinforce the need for building a border wall, and has even gone on to state that this event furthers the Read More

Super Tuesday 2 Reveal an Uneasy America

It is shocking, dismaying, distressing, and downright depressing to see the results from the election yesterday. Despite a supporter punching a protester and then saying he would pay the legal bills of the person who committed the assault, calling on the police to arrest peaceful protesters, a near-riot at one of his events while not Read More

The Dangers of Extremism

“We don’t want them in our country! We don’t want them to change the way we think, and we don’t want them promoting their dangerous ideology! If you can’t respect this country and what is stands for, then leave!” These were the words, albeit slightly paraphrased, of a Donald Trump supporter. And, frankly, I couldn’t Read More


December 7, 1941. A day that will live in infamy. On this day 74 years ago, America witnessed one of the worst attacks in its history when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This attack was swift and launched the United States into World War II. It also saw this country take on some of the Read More

This is Not Another Gun Control Article

In the wake of a Mass Gun Massacre/an Act of Domestic Terrorism, we always see these arguments come up: We need new gun law We need more done on mental health We need to ban guns We need more guns We need to call it a mass shooting We need to call it an act Read More